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Calling all do-gooders, humanitarians, and sweet souls!

I’m happy you’re here for this little chat!

I know that you want to make this world a better place. You have taken the time and care into creating a business to support the cause close to your heart. Let me tell you that your bravery is a HUGE deal! You noticed that there was an injustice or need and you didn’t take the path of complacency.

The truth is that CARING IS HARD work!

Getting a board, donors, and the general public to back your work is harder than it seems. Asking people to volunteer their time is a tough task. Connecting the vision of your cause with those that don’t have a clue is extremely taxing.

Remember, what is difficult is NOT impossible! Great news, huh? You can encourage people to be passionate about helping others. It’s possible to get a community eager to give of their time and their money.

You can connect your donors and your community with the heart of your work. Writing creates a bridge between your work and the generosity of others.

Nikki Newbauer
Creator, Little Hope Notes

But how?

This is the fun part!

Hire Little Hope Notes to help you share your heart and your message! With professional experience working in the non-profit sector, a humanitarian heart, and adoration for writing I can help share the voice of your cause.

For more information, head over to the contact form to request a FREE Hopeful Call!

Disclaimer: Sales pitches are icky! Don’t worry, a Hopeful Call is your opportunity to share your vision and not my opportunity to share my writing pitch. Think of this call as a chance to share a cup of coffee and chat about the love you have for your cause!

I believe you matter and the work you’re doing does too.

Nikki xx