our story

I love that you’re here!

Little Hope Notes is an initiative that’s pure and simple.

Spread kindness.

We fan girl over cute stationary. Then, we take the time to hand write every card with words of encouragement, warmth, and hope. You’ll find our cards hidden in plain sight. Check your grocery store shelves, public restrooms (on the sink, don’t worry), and sunny park benches. We’re rooted in our adorable town of Virginia, but we mail our cards to “Hope Advocates” all around the world! We’ll mail you completed note cards and a welcome letter at NO COST to you. Then, you can leave cards in and around your community and tag us! It’s like a kindness scavenger hunt!

I started Little Hope Notes because I wanted hope to be accessible to all. The recipient has encouragement at their fingertips not because of anything they had to do, but because of beautiful happenstance. Little Hope Notes is the perfect marriage of my love for people, desire to make a difference, and novelty for handwritten notes (shamelessly old school).

I hope you find a token of kindness from Little Hope Notes in your community. Join us in loving freely.

Nikki xx