Lean In

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


What comes to mind?

Bubble baths, hot tea, alone time wandering in the city, and a chocolate stash under your bed? Fresh flowers, Netflix binge, cozy socks, a couple’s massage, and a glass of wine?

Yes to all of those things.

I have been writing Little Hope Notes for 3 months now and ironically I’ve been writing myself advice I should follow this whole time. Each note is different.

Some proclaim, “You are worthy of love and acceptance.” “Don’t give up on yourself.” “Keep going” “Forgive yourself.” “Your past does not define you.”

I’m in awe that it took me this long for the knowledge to go from my handwriting to my heart. We have created such a culture of self-care, but I think that we often overlook self-awareness and how we can self-sabotage ourselves. For example, “You are worthy of love and acceptance.” Sounds great, looks great, is true–but HOW do we connect the message to a movement? I can literally tell myself these nice things while I’m eating a bowl of popcorn and vegging out to my 36th episode of The Office (don’t act like y’all don’t know).

The true foundation to self-care, though is self-development. If we want to feel and believe that we are worthy of love an acceptance then that means that most of us are going to have to dig deep and ask the hard questions.

Why don’t I feel loved?

When don’t I feel accepted?

Who in my past or in my present has made me believe I am less than?

How did I feel when I was told I wasn’t loved, that I wasn’t wanted; that I wasn’t enough?

Authentic self-care is more than a face mask. It’s taking the mask off.

I’m learning, too. It’s okay to have tough questions. Don’t for one minute continue to binge watch your favorite show so that you can permanently take a backseat to the pain that’s stirring inside of you. This is going to take hard work and it is going to take time.

Let’s grab our collective big girl panties, blankets, and dark chocolate (with caramel, obviously), and take time to feel our feelings. Lean in.

Nikki x

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We're a grassroots initiative established by a hopeful humanitarian. The mission is simple: spread kindness via little handwritten notes. We leave these tokens of kindness in everyday places like local restaurants, libraries, public transportation, and even public restrooms! Our hope? That you may find a note, be encouraged, and pay it forward.

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