I Am Not Her

She places herself perfectly in the middle of the room. Everyone’s eyes are drawn to her. She’s a force of nature; a lovely exotic flower.

I am not her.

She was created somewhere far away within the galaxies above. She sparkles and she shines even with darkness around her.

I am not her.

Her life looks effortlessly attained. The perfect contouring of her face and the shimmer in her eyes. People look in at her as if she is a diamond sparkling in a display case.

I am not her.

She is vulnerable yet guarded. Her sense of humor is unmatched, but she is reserved and dignified. She is everything I didn’t know was possible. An embodiment of paradoxes and perfectly imperfect.

I am not her.

She is courageous in the midst of adversity. Her story is complicated, but beautiful beyond anything hanging in an art gallery. She is a fine art undiscovered.

I am not her.

She is the loveliest friend, most patient mother, and adored wife. Each role she plays is perfectly balanced. She is a master of all trades.

I am not her.

She is elegant, but simple. Her fears are great, but she has conquered them all.

I am not her.

She is unfiltered. She’s perfect.

I am not her.

Yet, I look harder and deeper. I pause as I scroll and look within my own heart. I am not her, but she is not who I think she is. Behind the lens, the filters, the facade–she is me and I am her.

Perfection doesn’t exist.

I am imperfect.

She is imperfect.

We are each living a story untold.

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We're a grassroots initiative established by a hopeful humanitarian. The mission is simple: spread kindness via little handwritten notes. We leave these tokens of kindness in everyday places like local restaurants, libraries, public transportation, and even public restrooms! Our hope? That you may find a note, be encouraged, and pay it forward.

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